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We are a backend growth firm.

We help businesses:

~ create new profit centers
~ open new markets
~ develop new revenue streams
~ acquire new complementary products

We also help our clients/partners identify and monetize under-leverage assets including:

~ underperforming distribution channels
~ excess capacity
~ or unconverted leads/prospects

Or churned subscribers who’ve gone through your reactivation processes but still didn’t re-activate.

Or buyers who have purchased everything you’ve got and now you have nothing else to sell them.

Our ideal partners are already successful, their business is doing well, but they know there’s room to grow.

And they don’t have the time, energy, or bandwidth to take on more things, especially if most ideas and tests don’t pan out.

We help them develop and execute monumentally more lucrative ways to monetize their company’s current business model, and we do it all on a pure performance basis.

If you are interesting in exploring further consider reaching out.

We’ll have a conversation.

Don’t expect a “sales call” — we are not here to convince you of ANYTHING.

Either we can add value to what you are already doing well, or we can’t.

Talk soon,

Rueben Chigaru

P.S.  Meet our team:

octograph team