One Simple Strategy That Will Boost Your Adwords Lead Generation Campaigns

Adwords Hero

Do you feel that your current Adwords campaign is not generating the volume and quality of leads that you would like, but are not sure what to change?

If so, you are in luck because today I will share with you one simple strategy you can use to boost your conversions, in most cases by at least 105%

But first, let me ask you another question.

When your prospect clicks on your ad, what page/website are you sending them to?

If you are like most local businesses you are sending all your traffic to your home page. This is a big problem.

You might be thinking that you’ve spent a ton of money on a great looking, informative website that’s the perfect place to send your traffic and draw in clients.

It seems like a reasonable idea, but it’s actually wrong.

According to a study by Microsoft, people online generally lose concentration after eight seconds, so it’s important to be clear, relevant and quickly get to the point. Unfortunately, your home page doesn’t do that.

attention span

You must send Adwords traffic to a landing page. Yes, you need to have one of those single page, simple, easy to read landing pages that invite the prospect to take action now.

A landing page gets the person that clicked on your ad involved right away and contacting you before they get distracted.

If your traffic is being routed to your main website, you run the constant risk that your visitor will get distracted by all the different sections on your site and never take action. They will not pick up the phone. They will not fill out a contact form.

As a result, you lose a potential client.

And if you are paying for that click, those “lost” potential clients quickly add up to a wasted ad budget.

If your objective is to generate a LEAD then giving your prospects as few options (or decisions to make) as possible, will make them more likely to make the decision you want them to take, which is calling you or filling in your contact form.

High-converting landing pages are specifically designed using a proven template to get your prospects to do one thing… Pick up the phone and call you!

What Makes A High Converting Landing Page?

I’m glad you asked. The first thing is, it should provide the answer that your prospect is looking for in a way that makes it easy for him or her to take action.

For example, if your prospect saw the following ad.

ad new york

And they decided to click. What exactly are they looking for?

Do they want to know about the history of your business? How many offices you have? etc.?


They want the free consultation, so your landing page should give it to them as quickly as possible.

landing page

In the above landing page example, you can see that immediately your prospect is given the option to make a phone call.

According to BIA/Kelsey, phone calls are considered to be the most valuable lead source by 86% of businesses and phone calls are rated highest local businesses in professional services (lawyers, doctors), home services and financial services.

By giving your prospect the option to call you as soon as he or she lands on your landing page you increase the probability that they will call.

The ability to make a phone call is even more important with mobile searchers because 70% of mobile searchers call businesses directly and approximately 29% of those calls result in conversions.

For those prospects who would rather not call, give them the ability to submit an email and use that opportunity to re-affirm the reasons why they should take action immediately.

landing page two

If you hold your prospects by the hand and tell them what to do, a large percentage of them will do it. You will never get 100% but you will get enough of them to make your Adwords campaign very profitable.

What about those prospects who want to read more, before they take action?

That’s where section 3 of your landing page come into play.

landing page

This gives your prospects compelling reasons why they should get in touch, social proof of what you have done for others, etc. It’s always a good idea to place a video of you explaining the benefits your offer to your prospect.

I know you are probably thinking; this will be difficult to do.

Actually, not as difficult as you may think. Yes, building very custom landing pages can take time but there are landing page providers who already have reasonable templates that you can test quickly. You could use services like InstapageLeadpages, or Unbounce to name a few.


Adding a high converting landing is one of the best ways to give your Adwords campaign a significant boost and it also gives your prospects the information that they need quickly. Start using landing pages for you Adwords campaigns immediately, you will see the difference.