Thank You…

Your Up Coming Zoom Call Has Been Confirmed.


Here are a couple of things we thought you’d like to know before your meeting:

ONE: You will be receiving a confirmation email shortly:
The email contains your calendar invitation along with your Zoom link. Please add the calendar invite to your calendar, so you don’t forget.

The meeting is on Zoom, and the default is camera off. We mention this because some people get anxious about Zoom video calls. So the default is a voice-only call on Zoom, and if you’d like us to turn the camera on, we can do that.

TWO: You are meeting with Rueben Chigaru
Rueben [LinkedIn Profile] has spent over 15 years in performance marketing. With experience in paid traffic, growth, tracking, and attribution. As well as email marketing (email deliverability, copywriting, list building, and email monetization).

He is our “auditor,” – meaning he will walk you through your setup to try and figure out where the problems and opportunities are.

Aside from email deliverability, like the Gmail Promo Tab issues, there are likely hidden opportunities.

For example, improving your engagement, i.e., getting more of your subscribers to open your emails, read, respond, and purchase. Also, list growth (getting more subscribers, crafting, or finding the best offers for your audience).

On this first call, we are interested in learning more about you and your business.

And if it makes sense, we will request access to your Email Service Provider (ESP), so we can do a deep dive audit, look at the numbers, and your email marketing setup to identify opportunities and what problems need to be fixed immediately.

THREE: How much do our services cost?
I know this is something on your mind. It would also be on our minds if we were in your position.

The answer is it depends.

Typical retainers and one-time services range from $3,000 to $15,000, depending on what is required.

For some select clients, we work on a performance basis, where we are paid a percentage of the revenue we help you generate.

In both the retainer and performance list management work, we write the emails and manage and improve email deliverability. Actively segmented your list for optimum performance and help you identify new offers as well as opportunities to grow your email revenue.

FOUR: How long will the call take?
Typically around 30 minutes since this is our first call.

FIVE: Any additional questions?
If you still have additional questions, please email us at contact [at]