How We Helped A Local Home Service Business Reduced Their Cost Per Lead From $70 to $10


This project was a lead generation campaign for a pest control business based in Texas. The client had tried Adwords in the past but found the cost of generating a phone call too high.

They were averaging $70 per call and had decided it more cost-effective to purchase leads from services like Home Advisor.

However, the client was not happy with competing with other local providers for Home Advisor leads because it led to lower margins.

They want to be able to generate high-quality exclusive phone calls from their local market.


They wanted:

  1. To generate exclusive phone call leads
  2. To pay no more than $30 per live phone call.

Our first step was to determine exactly what had been done in the past. We wanted to see the type of lead generation funnel they had in place.

We also needed to see exactly which keywords (from their past campaigns) had triggered phone calls. Based on that data we could formulate a strategy.


Set up Landing Pages

After reviewing their current website, we decided to create a new separate mobile-optimized landing page that is designed to encourage the visitor to call.

We made sure that the phone number was clickable so the visitor could click to call and also added several large buttons which if clicked would initiate a phone call on a smartphone.

The whole focus of the landing page was to get the prospective customer to make the phone call, to either get a quote or request service from the client.

This would give the client’s salespeople the opportunity to win that sale.

landing page call only ads

Call Tracking

The next step was to implement accurate call tracking so we can determine which keywords where generating phone calls and which keywords were a waste of money.

We also wanted the ability to record missed calls, as well as the actual sales call, so that those recordings could be used to train their salespeople.

We used Call Rail which integrates well with Google Adwords. There are other services like Call Fire that do the same thing as well.

Adwords Campaign Setup

We decided to test two types of Adwords campaigns.

The first was a call-only campaign which is only served to searchers on smartphones…

and the second was the regular search campaign with the call extension activated, but with desktop traffic and tablet, traffic removed.

We only wanted people who were searching for pest control services on their mobile phones, because in most cases, those are the types of prospects that need help immediately and are less likely to “shop around”.

They are also the most qualified prospects when they call because they were actively searching for pest control services.

Localize Keywords

The average cost per click for pest control keywords is around $12 and it usually takes several clicks to generate a phone call.

High competition keywords like “pest control” can end up costing more because everyone is bidding on them.

We decided to focus on localizing keywords such as “Pest Control 75014” – which is the general term plus the zip code…

or the general term plus the town, county, city…

or the general term plus “near me”, “nearby”, etc.

We also focused on urgent keywords like “infestation” and “emergency” because anyone using those terms usually wants to speak with someone immediately.

These types of keywords show a higher intent because if someone is searching for a service provider nearby, it’s likely that they need immediate help and will place a call.

Dynamic Ads

In order to keep our quality score high and therefore get the lowest cost per click possible, we decided to use dynamic keyword insertion in most of the ads.

We also passed those keywords to the landing page as well. This made sure that what the user typed would show up on the ads served as well as on the landing page.

dynamic keyword insertion


The campaign was run for a few weeks so that we could gather enough data before making any decisions.

We managed to get our cost per phone call down from $70 per call to $10 for call-only ads and $17 for regular search ads. Both these were below the client’s goal of $30 per call.


A successful Adwords campaign for a local service business needs to have a high converting landing page and call tracking set up.

You also need to be targeting the geographic area around your business only.

Lastly, localizing keywords helps to reduce the cost per click and produces better quality phone calls because all those leads are from the local area.

Lastly, localize keywords usually have a lower cost per click since only a few people bidding on them.

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