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Imagine this…

You have a problem that you’ve been trying to solve for a while now.

Your friend says this guru guy has the answers you need.

“You should totally check him out,” she says. “He’s great! So-n-so said he changed her life. He’s the real deal.”

“Here’s the website.” — [this website is fake… btw]

When you get there, there is an opt-in page. It promises the world. Exactly what you need, and additional secrets you didn’t even know you wanted… but now you need!

You are thinking… “Wow! This is exactly what I’m missing… once I get this, I’ll be set.“

So you opt-in for the lead magnet.

And sit there, anxiously biting your nails, waiting for it to be delivered to your inbox.

You wait…


Plop! It’s here.

Eagerly you open it, ready to devour the secret hidden knowledge that has been kept from you for all these years.

You are about to change your life; you know it!

From this point onwards, you will be on easy..ier street.


As you read the lead magnet, you slowly get disappointed.

Line after line, of ramblings… but no secrets.

No step-by-step plan.

There is some fluff. Some information that is a little useful. But nothing to the extent of hidden secrets.

You feel a little let down. The promise was larger than life. The PDF? Not so much.

But you give him the benefit of the doubt.

After all, he came highly recommended, and his website is professional …and he looks successful. So there’s something there. Right?

The next day you eagerly open his latest email.


He is selling some course, from someone else (someone you don’t know)… and about a topic TOTALLY unrelated to YOUR problem…. What is this?

Did you miss something?

Was there another email that was sent before this that covers your problem?

You check the spam folder.


Maybe the help is coming. You still want to believe. So you wait.

A couple of hours later…


Another email.

You open it.

LAST CHANCE! Get this “thing-you-don’t-care-about” now before it’s gone forever!”

Strike two!

You don’t care about the last chance. You weren’t going to buy it anyways.

Now you are leery.

The stellar recommendation you’d received is no longer stellar. But your problem is still not solved… so you remain hopeful (a little).

Maybe? Just maybe.

A day later.


A new email.

Reluctantly you open it.

Another offer… for a “training” webinar…about something you don’t give a hoot about.

*Click!* You delete the email

You are annoyed, irritated, and frustrated… because you still have a problem, and the guru let you down.

From this point onwards, if you don’t unsubscribe…

…it’s because you are hoping that maybe, at some point in the future, there will be something you can use to solve your problem.


But he has lost your attention.

And your trust.

And the stellar recommendation has completely worn off.

So what happened here?

How did you move so quickly from excitement… to optimism… to hope… to despair in less than 3 days.

It’s simple. You gave him your most valuable asset… your attention.

In return, you got nothing.

No value.

No help.

No solution.

No entertainment…

…not even a smile.

You felt like you were literally on a “marketing list” — where you were being hit with offer after offer and urgency after urgency.

You can bet your last dime this guru is wondering why his open rates have dipped to single digits.

Why his emails are ending up in the Gmail promotions tab… or worse, why his emails are ending up in the spam folder.

Could it be because he is sending mindless promotions that people now consider to be spam?

And the problem is not all the selling.

It’s HOW the selling is done…

…with little to no consideration for the specific wants and needs of the subscriber.

You see, people only care about themselves.

I do.

So do you.

It’s human nature. We say otherwise, but our actions betray us.

When you subscribe to an email list, you are thinking about you.

What you want…

What you will get…

How you will benefit.


And so do your subscribers.

So every email you send needs to give something of value to the reader.

Every. Email.

Otherwise, they’ll stop reading.

You’ll lose their attention… and their interest.

And I’m not talking about giving them helpful information or education.

That gets boring very quickly.

Learning From The Talking Heads…

talking heads

Why do millions of people tune into cable news every day?

If you ask them, they’ll say it’s to stay informed.

But they could easily do that by reading a newspaper or a news site.

The reason is…

…cable news is a mixture of information PLUS entertainment.

You come away thinking…

“…hmm, that wasn’t a total waste of time. I learned something…”

“…and I agree with [insert news anchor’s name]. That makes total sense.”

And the next evening, they go back because they want to feel good again.

Even if that feeling was outrage, it confirmed what they already believed to be true, so that felt good…

…because they were right.

It feels good to be right.

They are entertained, they confirm their biases, get some helpful information… and feel good.

This creates a feedback loop… so every evening, when they want to unwind, they turn on CNN or Fox News… so they can “stay current…”

But what they really want is to feel good again.

It’s the same reason we love scrolling Twitter or TikTok.

We confirm our biases, get entertained, and maybe learn something new.

So we go back again and again…

This is what your emails should feel like.

You want your subscribers to CHOOSE to read your email before they scroll through social media.

Because they will be entertained…

…and learn something valuable, and maybe even smile or laugh…

But either way… they come away feeling good.

The emotion is an important part of this…

…because the way we feel about something determines if we do it again.

A study was conducted by the University of Southern California and Claremont Graduate University. Researchers found that when people felt empathetic towards someone (or something), their Oxytocin (happy chemicals) levels increased…

And so did their generosity.

In other words:

….if they like you

… and they enjoy their interactions with you

…and can relate to you (and feel good while doing it).

They buy more.

Win. Win. Win.

people don't like being sold

So, how do you ACTUALLY do this?

How do you get your subscribers hooked on your emails so that they look forward to the next one?

So that they hunt for it in the spam folder… and email you to tell you if it ended up in spam…

So that they’ll check in on you… just to see if you are okay because they haven’t heard from you in a while.

It’s actually easier than you think.

All it takes is a small shift in your thinking and the ability to keep your eyes open.

Let me show you an example:

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