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Who Is This For

Education, training, and coaching businesses that have high-ticket programs and masterminds.

You already have happy customers, and your products actually work!

You have email lists of both customers and prospects.

What You Want

More of your customers to upgrade to your big-ticket offers on a consistent basis.

What Is It?

We take over the lead generations and sales to your lower ticket customers who have not upgraded despite your best efforts and figure out what the holdout is and retool the offers as needed.

We then enroll them into your high-ticket offers on a consistent basis.

Why Does It Work?

There is always a reason why certain customers have chosen not to upgrade, but for entrepreneurs actively growing their businesses, it’s time-consuming to slow down and dig two, three, or even four levels deep to figure out what the hold-up is.

Once those issues are identified, we rework your offer so the stragglers enroll effortlessly.

How Much Does It Cost?

There is no out-of-pocket cost. We will fund the lead generation, the sales team, and the copywriting. And we get paid only after the funds are in your bank account.