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Who Is This For

Entrepreneurs who want to drive 50% or more of their revenue from email.

You already have happy customers, and your products actually work!

You have email lists of both customers and prospects who don’t hate you.

What Is It?

We take over your list, fix any email deliverability issues you might have, and put in place a list segmentation strategy so you get maximum engagement.

And we write all your emails and send them… every day. Check deliverability before each broadcast to ensure you end up in the Primary Tab.

The Gmail Promo Tab is a silent killer; open rates and click rates are usually 50% less than the primary tab. We double-check every email sent daily to make sure it lands in the Primary or Update tab for the majority of your list.

Each email is written fresh daily for maximum engagement and sales.

We use current affairs, replies from your audience, and click and sales metrics to figure out what your audience finds interesting and that frames the topics and themes of the next set of emails.

Doing things this way does two things:

First, it creates an active community where your audience feels heard.

For example, let’s say someone asks a question that the whole list can benefit from; the answer will be the topic of the next broadcast.

Secondly, it helps us identify emails and email styles that resonate with your audience. Those eventually will become your automated emails that new subscribers see first.

We call this a “live, automated sequence” because the emails in that sequence are updated regularly based on the performance of our daily broadcast emails that have driven the most revenue.

So instead of writing a bunch of emails and loading them in the hopes of “hitting it out of the park,” we test themes, ideas, and storylines daily, looking at engagement and sales metrics, and over time identify the best emails to show new subscribers for maximum immediate monetization.

This service is totally hands-off and done for you.

NOTE: broadcasts don’t need to be daily. It’s ideal to send a daily email to your list, but for lists that have been mailing less frequently, we slowly ramp this up to daily email while giving your audience a choice for less frequent contact if need be.

Why Does It Work?

Email is the most intimate form of communication you can have with your prospects and customers. When done well, your customers will love hearing from you and look forward to your stories, anecdotes, and lessons.

They will ask questions, feel heard, bond deeper, and buy more often and at higher price points.

But the problem is that most entrepreneurs are busy. You have a lot of moving parts in your business to worry about.

So if you’d rather not spend your day looking for stories, writing emails, or checking deliverability to ensure you are inboxing, then we will do it for you.

How Much Does It Cost?

We typically work on a revenue-share basis for most of our engagements, but there are options to work on a straight monthly retainer.

The retainer amount will depend on the list size and how much work needs to be done to get it to perform.

Our preference is a revenue-share model.


The number one reason agencies & consultants don’t perform is that they need to take on a lot of clients to make the economics work. So, they work less on your business than they should.

The revenue-share model allows us to invest in your email list and revenue growth. The more we grow your list and revenue, the more you make, and the more we earn — a true win-win situation.

This means we can only work with a handful of clients at a time.

You focus on creating great products and supporting your customers. We focus on the monetization and the growth part.