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Who Is This For?

Group One: Entrepreneurs, businesses and organization that have an audience and distribution channels. These can be a website, email list, physical mailing list, sales team, etc.

You are looking to sell additional high-quality complementary but non-competing products to your existing audience.

Or you want to find other creative ways to leverage the attention you have worked so hard to foster.

Group Two: Subject matter experts, coaches, consultants, and authors who have information-based products with a proven track record.

A proven track record means you have happy customers (even if it’s only just a handful). And you’d like to increase your sales.

What Is It?

We help you find new profit centers, new streams of income, windfall profits, overlooked assets, hidden opportunities, underperforming distribution channels, and monumentally more lucrative ways to monetize your current business model, and we do it all on a pure performance basis.

And without cannibalizing your existing revenue streams.

Why Does It Work?

Most entrepreneurs instinctively go at it alone.

You build from the ground up and never consider partnering with people who already have the things you need.

Instead of building new products, we will help you find better and more effective products to share with your audience without any out-of-pocket expenses.

Instead of building new distribution channels or spending a tonne of money competing for attention with paid ads, we will help you find partners who already have the trust, attention, and relationship with the audience you want, and you can gain access to that audience without any out-of-pocket expenses.

Note: The focus here is to give tremendous value to the audience while earning additional revenue. Partnering only works when everyone involved wins.

Partnering is counter-intuitive, and when done correctly, strategic alliances and joint ventures can give your business a quantum leap of growth and revenue, all without cannibalizing your existing revenue streams.

How Much Does It Cost?

There is no out-of-pocket cost. We work on a 100% performance basis.

We find the partners, structure the deal, manage it, and take a percentage of the revenue we help generate.

We also do it at no risk to you. We cover all the expenses to manage the deal and always begin with small tests to see if the assumptions are correct.

What Do I Do Next?

Fill in the form below and tell us a little bit about yourself.

Then we will set up a 15 to 30-minute Zoom call and get to know each other and figure out the best next step.