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Who This Is For

Entrepreneurs who own or run a business that sells information-based products.

You have products that are already selling and that work. You have documented happy customers.

What You Want

You are looking to:

1. Grow your sales exponentially

2. Identify your blind spots and “leaks in your revenue bucket.” Areas where you are losing money but are not aware of? Things you are currently overlooking that have the potential for exponential returns?

3. Want to figure out ways of doing things better and easier, so you can earn more while working a lot less?

What Is It?

This is a 4-hour consult done over Zoom, broken down into sessions.

Typically we begin with a 1-2 hour consult where we walk through every aspect of your business; – your products, funnels, channels, processes and systems, pipeline, etc.

We get clear on the numbers, your blind spots, and what you could immediately leverage to quantum leap your results.

Then we map out a plan of action and the steps needed to implement it.

This is a done-with-you consult. You do the implementation, and we advise.

Follow-up consults are for clarification, updates, re-evaluation, and feedback.

Why Does It Work?

We are outsiders unfamiliar with your business’s day-to-day, but we have looked inside numerous educational & training companies in dozens of industries.

In addition, we have a wide range of hands-on experience in online and offline direct response businesses across different niches.

We are not siloed.

We’ve seen what works across different industries, funnels, and channels.

As a second pair of eyes, we can help you identify things you will have missed or assets within your business that you need to be aware of and can leverage.

We can come up with tactics, strategies, and ideas that you likely haven’t even considered but are simple enough to execute and will give you a significant competitive advantage.

How Much Does It Cost?

The 4-hour Growth Consult costs $5,000

What Do I Do Next?

Fill in the form below and tell us a little bit about yourself. Then we will set up a 15-minute Zoom call to learn more about you and your business.

After which, an invoice is sent for payment. Then we schedule our initial consult.

We record all consultation calls and provide that recording along with the recommendations & action plan. After the first implementation phase, we schedule follow-up calls to work through issues or map out strategies to exploit more opportunities.