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Why We Love Email

Email is the black sheep of the marketing world. It’s not as sexy as Facebook Ads (or now TikTok Ads).

Most people view it as an afterthought…

…something to just slap together…because they heard it was necessary…

…but they focus on the front end, buying traffic on Facebook, Google, TikTok, LinkedIn, you name it.

Well, I’ve spent the last 15+ years in performance marketing. I have purchased traffic on almost every traffic source out there.

  • Social (Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, TikTok, Quora, Reddit)
  • Search (Bing, Google, Yahoo)
  • Display (GDN, Gemini, etc.)
  • Native (Taboola, RevContent, MGID, etc.)

Even push ads, pops, redirects, adult traffic, and email drops.

I know traffic, tracking, and media buying.

They a powerful levers for your business.


…when we looked at all our campaigns and funnels. Analyzing the return-on-effort and the return-on-investment (ROI)…

…email was the winner, hands down.

We are talking 20X… 40X and, in some cases, 100X ROI from email-driven revenue. Try that on Facebook.

In both B2C and B2B verticals.

In niche markets and mass markets.

Email, when done right, is the most intimate form of communication.

You get to speak with your prospects and customers one-on-one…over time.

They get to know you…

…empathize with you…

…laugh and bond with you…

…and ask you questions (that you respond to)

… and that leads to trust and long-term customers.

No other channel can do this.


And you own the data.

It can’t be taken away from you.

You can’t be canceled.

Censored or banned.

In fact, email is the only medium not controlled by anyone. No company owns it. No government owns it.

It’s totally free.

And it’s incredibly difficult to kill… and billions of people use it every day.

You probably do too. Daily.

But few entrepreneurs and business owners take it seriously.

It’s not new.

It’s not sexy.

And there are spam problems.

Or you don’t know what to write.

Or you don’t want to annoy your customers (because you have no idea what to write or say)…

But, IMO, it’s worth the effort.

So who can really benefit from “email done well?”

The simple answer is — Businesses that sell transformation.

Why email works best for transformation businesses…

What is a “transformation” business?

It’s a business where the customer has a problem they need to solve.

And they need to move from their current situation (having the problem)… to their desired situation (where the problem is solved).


…online education, courses and training


…coaches & consultants


…money (personal finance, investing: stock, crypto, etc.)

…spirituality (& personal development)

…B2B services & enterprise SaaS

…student loan debt

…you name it.

These types of problems are usually “information heavy.”

…meaning that when the prospect is looking for the solution… they’ll usually consume a LOT of information

And quickly get overwhelmed.

What they really want and need is a Trusted Guide.

Someone to tell them what to do, why, and what to buy to solve their problem.

Let me give you an example:

If you read somewhere that you need to take magnesium for a certain problem you have…and you hopped over to Amazon, as we all do.

You’d have a very hard time figuring out which brand or type of magnesium you should get.

There are too many choices.

Too many options.

Too many variations.

And the reviews could be biased… and sometimes even untrue.

As you research, trying to make the right decision… you’ll eventually experience decision fatigue.

I went through this myself. I ended up with four different bottles of magnesium. And the version I am taking now was recommended by someone I trust.

A trusted guide who is knowledgeable and ideally has gone through the same situation can help you cut through the noise.

And give you one or two recommendations… instead of the hundreds of different choices out there.

And provided the guide has earned your trust

…you don’t care if she’s making a few shekels on some of the products she recommends.

As far as you are concerned, she’s on your side.

She knows what you are going through.

She’s been through it herself.

And you like her.


Because you know her.

She emails you regularly with stories, advice, and suggestions.

You look forward to hearing from her and worry if she hasn’t emailed in a while… is she okay?

You feel like you really know here.

But you’ve actually never met.

You are on her email list.

This is email done well.