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the beatles

…the Beatles.

The truth is every choice has consequences.

Some are small and forgotten.

But others are carved into history as a constant reminder of the path not taken.

But what was Decca supposed to do?

Take a risk on an unpolished group of musicians when they had what they believed was the perfect next sensation?

Most successful entrepreneurs got to where they are today by relentlessly focusing on the “main thing”… and not getting distracted.

They have the opposite of the “shiny object syndrome.” They find what works, validate it, and then double down and fill their cash buckets.

Decca Records was no different.

They had been successful up to that point by following their instincts and not getting distracted by every single “shiny new thing.”

They knew what had worked in the past and what would likely work in the future. Experience and a track record had proven that.

But it was also a cognitive bias.

The ability to focus only on the “main thing” can be a double edge sword.

It blinds you to opportunities that can lead to quantum leaps in your business.

But you can’t just drop everything and chase every new idea that falls in your lap.

There’s always risk.

What if the new idea fails?

What if it takes money away from what’s already working?

Human beings are motivated more by the fear of loss than the opportunity for gain… so it’s not your fault for sticking to what’s already proven.

After all, you don’t have unlimited time… or energy.

But imagine…

…a situation where you can have your cake and eat it too.

Where you can still focus on the “main thing”… but also test out new ideas.

Where you can experiment with new profit centers… different ways of doing things… and increase your chances of hitting those elusive homers.

And do it without any risk.

Without any out-of-pocket expenses or time on your part?

Sounds impossible, right?

That’s what Octograph does.

We work with entrepreneurs to find new profit centers, new streams of income, windfall profits, overlooked assets, hidden opportunities, underperforming distribution channels, and monumentally more lucrative ways to monetize a company’s current business model, and we do it all on a pure performance basis.

And without cannibalizing your existing revenue streams.

We do all the work, so you can focus on the “main thing,” and we get paid some of the profits/revenue we help you generate.

A true win-win situation.

Does that sound like something you’d like to explore?

If so, the next step is to complete the form below. Tell us a little about your business.

Then if it makes sense, we can schedule a few minutes to talk.

There are no commitments or obligations.

We chat, get to know each other, and take it from there.